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Well, a lot of things have happened since the time I stopped blogging. We went to Bicol, I concentrated on playing my guitar and my family and I became busy these last few months. We moved to a bigger house so we will have more space to play and to build a bigger library.

I have a lot of articles to write for my blog. Some of them are our awesome Bicol Trip, our 365 days in Boracay and so much more! I’d be pretty disappointed in myself if I let this blog go to waste because I put up a lot of effort in it.

I am planning to start a new blog on comics. It will be full of reviews,facts and updates on the comic book world and industry.

For the meantime, I am not a hundred percent sure where to put my new blog. It’s either here on WordPress or on Blogspot. I have a difficult time arranging pictures on my posts and I heard that Blogspot is easier to customize all around.

Anyway as promised, I will be posting more and more on this blog and I will try to improve my writing. I will also post a link of my comic book blog once it is finished.


Step 1: Do your research Its always good to research before going to the comic book store because you need to find the specific comic book you want to read and make sure it’s in the same series and volume. External links:   Step 2: Find a comic book shop you’ll like. External Links:   Step 3: Follow a series Its always better to follow a series rather than buying random comic books. If your comic book shop doesn’t have the specific issue you need, try finding it in a different shop, or get them online. To check the comic book’s issue chronology, go here: or here:   Step 4: Get bag and boards Caring for your comic books is really important because you certainly don’t want your comic book to end up like the comic book below. All comic book stores usually sell them per piece or sometimes by packs. The best bag and board I know is Ultra Pro. If you don’t want bag and boards, try the top loader. Top loaders are thicker than the average bag and boards. If you ask me, I prefer the normal bag and board. External Links:     Step 5: Find a place to store your comic books If you have more than 20 comic books, it’s always wise to get a comic book box. You can also arrange your comic books by issue and will be easier for you to find the comic book you want to read. However, if you don’t want to store it in a box there’s always a shelf or a drawer.   Step 6: Let your collection grow! If you already have a box full of comic books, consider buying really old comic books or first appearances of famous comic book characters to add value to your collection.