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Opening in August 2013, A homey, contemporary bamboo villa and family-owned bed and breakfast located along Tambisaan Beach, one of Boracay Island’s pristine white sand beaches, and a very short ride to the bustling Long Beach and D Mall.

Evoking rural charm, the bamboo villa is equipped with modern conveniences and is just a stone’s throw away from the main sea portal to the country’s premier island-paradise destination – just step off the regular ferry from the mainland and you’re there. We have two attic rooms with private terraces from which you can choose either a view of the picturesque ocean or the island’s tropical lushness. Nearby are Tambisaan Reef and Crocodile Reef, with Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove and other islets dotting the turquoise-emerald horizon. Together, they form a world-class diving, fishing and snorkeling enclave also favored by parasailing, jetski, kiteboarding and surfing enthusiasts.
For a unique Boracay experience, Cole & Attika Bed and Breakfast offers a rustic, old-town Boracay trip you will definitely cherish.

Fan Room for Two
with free breakfast for two

Regular Season
PhP1,000 per night
PhP6,000 per week
extra person: PhP300 per night

Peak Season
PhP1,500 per night
PhP9,000 per week
extra person: PhP400 per night

Regular Season Monthly: PhP18,000 (inclusive of utilities/negotiable)

Air-Conditioned Room for Two
with free breakfast for two

Regular Season
PhP1,500 per night
PhP9,000 per week
extra person: PhP500 per night

Peak Season
PhP2,500 per night
PhP15,000 per week
extra person: PhP500 per night

Regular Season Monthly: PhP30,000 (inclusive of utilities/negotiable)

All Rooms With Private Terrace
Hot and Cold Shower
Free Internet Access
Cable TV
Voltage 220/240

Contact us now
For booking, rates and other inquiries:
+639328607542 (SUN)
+639399625400 (SMART)

please include your name and address

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Skype: coleattikaboracay



This summer, we went to Intramuros.

Intramuros was the seat of the government during the Spanish colonial period. It was built by the Spaniards to protect the Spanish seat from foreign invasion (British, Dutch and Chinese sea pirates in the 16th century). I was fascinated by the walled city because it is rich in history.

The dome of the Manila Cathedral

The fountain in the San Agustin Church courtyard

The old buildings still stand. The roads are covered by cobble stones just like in most parts in London. I haven’t been to London but my father went there last summer and he told me all about the beautiful place. Most parts of Intramuros aren’t polluted because people ride the kalesa. Kalesas are everywhere and I learned that there are two kinds. The first class is for three persons. The second class is for six persons. My family and I rode the kalesa and we toured the entire Intramuros. The man that drove the kalesa was very appreciative of Filipino history. He is happy with his job because he loves Filipino history.  I took pictures of everything historic that I saw.

The first Ateneo de Manila classroom

The first Ateneo De Manila was based there, too. Intramuros is also the oldest district in Manila. The wall of Intramuros is very long. You could see some cannons in some parts of the wall. The Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin church can be found inside the walled city.

Inside Ristaurante delle Mitre

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My favorite restaurant in Intramuros is Ristaurante delle Mitre. They serve very good food.

Intramuros overall, is perfect for family bonding!