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         Having an autographed comic book is a dream of any comic book collector. I bought a Captain America comic book at Comic Odyssey. I noticed that Mark Gruenwald and Ron Lim autographed the comic book. I quickly researched their autographs. Ron Lim usually puts the date on the right side and Mark Gruenwald usually writes the letter d like a triangle. I never expected to get an autographed comic book for $3(P150). I’m really happy because I am a fan of Mark Gruenwald. I have some comic books written by him. Three days ago, Comic Odyssey had a sale. I took advantage and bought three X-men comic books and two Captain America comic books. I noticed again that both of the Captain America comics are signed by Mark Gruenwald and Ron Lim. I showed it to the guy at the store. He said that it is a really good deal and I said to myself it’s more than a good deal. It’s a jackpot! It seems like the guys at Comic Odyssey didn’t scan the comic books that they bought.

Captain America Autographed 3

You can see the two autographs near Captain America.

Captain America Autographed 2

Here you can see the signatures close to Captain America’s shield.

Captain America Autographed

Captain America Issue 390 (The Superia Strategem, Part 4) with Mark Gruenwald’s autograph to the right of Anaconda and Ron Lim’s near Battleaxe.


        The Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 science fiction film directed by Randal Kleiser. The movie is about a 12-year old boy named David Freeman who fell into a ditch. When David woke up, he found out that eight years have passed since he fell. The weird thing is that he did not age. They all soon found out that David was abducted by an alien spacecraft and taken to another planet called Phaelon. David has two choices – stay in 1986 or go back to 1978 and risk his life in the time travel.

I have always been fascinated by time travel. That’s one of the reasons why I like this movie. I found it funny when David thought that the band Twisted Sisters were women and when he didn’t know anything about new wave music.
In this movie, you will certainly hate the NASA scientist. He promised David to stay at their facility for 48 hours but soon he planned to make him stay longer. It seems like they will treat David like a lab rat for the rest of his life.

Everybody will be satisfied with the ending. David got back to 1978 safely just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July. I will rate this movie 8.8.