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Learning how to play the guitar was one of my dreams when I was nine. The one thing that encouraged me to play guitar was Metallica. Seeing Kirk Hammet shred his guitars was one of the reasons why I was watching their concert on video EVERY afternoon.

My dad found out that I wanted to play the guitar so he bought me my first guitar. It was a Mac Smith with a built in amplifier and a single coil pickup which produces a flat sound. That night, I learned the D’s, A minors, G’s and E’s. I was really happy.

The sad thing was that I lost interest in playing the guitar for reasons I really can’t explain, but I still liked listening to Metallica. My dad noticed and tried to bring back my interest in playing. He also bought me a new guitar which was an Ibanez Gio Gax70. Even that was not enough to bring back my love for playing the guitar (I know, shame on me.)

Let’s fast forward five years later. I was enrolled at the summer workshop of PETA  and we had a mini talent show. I asked my dad if I could play a song from the Ramones  or from Blink 182. He disagreed and recommended “Titanium”, I settled with it because it was a good song and it was easy to learn. In PETA, I met a kid my age who played the guitar, too! That helped me gain back my interest in learning the guitar.

I haven’t touched my guitar in years. I had a new guitar that looked great but a little bit dusty. We had to re-string and clean it. In the end, it looked good as new!

After my workshop, I busied myself with learning songs. Since May, I’ve been learning and have been perfecting these songs on the guitar: “Titanium” by David Guetta, “Adams Song” by Blink 182, “Up All Night” by Blink 182, “Chop Suey” by System Of a Down, “Wishing Well” by Blink 182 and “Closing Time” by Semisonic.

I know most of them are from Blink 182. I started learning Blink songs because they were easy and they were my favorite. The reason why my dad refused the Ramones song was that my classmates may not have heard of the Ramones because they might be too young. That’s why we settled with “Titanium”. I’m currently leaning Fade to Black, Kashmir, Floaty and Iron Man. I’m a bit proud of myself because I don’t have a tutor and I’m learning the guitar on my own.

I’m thinking of posting guitar covers and tutorials here on my blog when I’m ready. I haven’t seen a kid do a guitar tutorial so I think it’s a good idea. This is one of homeschooling’s advantages. I get to spend time learning what I really enjoy doing.