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                      On Feb 22, my family and I went to the Mind Museum for the last day of the Astronomy Week. The first event was Build Your Own Telescope. But before the actual building, there were a couple of important things discussed.

The history of the telescope was the main topic for the first talk. The earliest known telescopes were created in 1608 and were credited to Hans Lippershy, a German spectacle maker. Other spectacle makers, like Zacharias Jansses and Jacob Metius, also claimed to have made the discovery. The early refracting telescopes consisted of a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece. Hans Lippershy had his telescope applied for a patent. Unfortunately, the patent was denied.

I joined my seatmate’s group when the actual telescope building began. The telescope to be assembled was a Galileoscope. We started by putting the two main telescope tube and putting the 50-mm glass objective lens on the front. After that, we put together the two focuser tube halves and the eyepieces. Building the telescope was very fun especially that we did it in groups.

The event was a total success because they introduced the history of the telescope to kids who were interested to learn about them. If you ask me, there was nothing lacking in the lecture.  It was well organized and everything was discussed very well.