comic collecting

My hobby for collecting comics started three years ago. Before that, I wasn’t really crazy about it.

We first bought my 90’s comics in an old book store right after we came from the hospital. I was 7 years old at the time so I knew nothing about comics and on how to take care of them.

Two years later, I learn more and more about them, and I got interested in comics that’s why I started collecting since then.

Right now I have about 29 comics. The series that I’ve been following recently is the X-Men Curse of the Mutants. So far, I have the issues #1-#5, all in perfect condition. I really wish to complete this series.

If you’re wondering if what else would be interesting to collect aside from comics, I suggest Marvel cards or DC Cosmic cards and Heroclix. I’m still researching where I can buy them here in the Philippines aside from Sulit, Ayosdito or OLX. Some of the ads are waaay too expensive like 100 pesos each card I guess that’s too much. I’d rather find and buy the brand new ones, if that’s the case.

If I know the place to buy Marvel cards or DC cards I’ll write about it right away. But if you want to buy Heroclix I know that they sell it in Comic Odyssey.

I’ll continue my comic collecting until I have a room full of them!

  1. Heeeey, Cole!!! Got here ’cause your mom shared the link on her FB page. I’m Tita Gi.We’ve met. Remember that time your mom recorded something in a studio then she met up with you and your dad at the Starbucks shop in Makati? Not sure if you’ll remember, really. Anyhoo, we sort of worked for the same magazine before.

    Nice little writeup here, kid 🙂 I’m a bit into comics as well although what I’ve read most, so far, are local ones. Have you been to any of the Komikons? I wrote about my experiences (here’s the latest: Hope to see your whole family one of these days at the Komikons or toy conventions 🙂 …Following your blog now. Such a refreshing thing to read a kid’s blog :>

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