This 2012, my parents and I wanted to go back to homeschooling because I like homeschool more than the traditional schools.

When I was five years old I was homeschooled by my dad and mom. I learned reading because every day, my dad and I would usually go around the UP campus to read the street signs. That’s how I learned how to read. My father also created reading materials for me. I was inspired by many geniuses. One of them is Einstein since he was also homeschooled.

I really, really like learning at home. Every day I would do six pages of Social Studies and one Math exercise and on Tuesdays, we would do History class. My most favorite subjects are Math and History. History became my favorite when I first read about the Aztec temples, the Renaissance period and World War One. But my most favorite thing in the world is Greek mythology.

Before we started homeschooling, I didn’t really like Math. Even when I would just hear the word “math” I would feel tired right away. Since my parents and I started practicing every day, I began to like it. I really love Math now because I understand how it’s done and how it helps us in our life. Last week, while I wasn’t sleepy yet, I did one Math exercise at 12:00 a.m. without my parents telling me.

Some days after school work, my sister Attika and I would play. On Wednesdays I would go swimming in the pool. I usually do four to six laps on Wednesdays.

Photography is one of my favorite activities because I like taking pictures of sunsets, clouds, insects and stolen shots of Attika.

I have also learned the different types of clouds. I like studying about clouds because we live in a high place. My favorite cloud formation is cirrocumulus because it’s like a ceiling of a gigantic palace.

I really like studying interesting things. My mom does things so I would be disciplined. Friday is the only day that I can play video games, so I won’t be addicted to video games. Sometimes it depends on my accomplishment during the week or if I concentrated well on my studies.

These things are my favorite about homeschooling . That’s why I would be homeschooled until high school.

I think homeschooling is the best way of learning.



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