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This 2012, my parents and I wanted to go back to homeschooling because I like homeschool more than the traditional schools.

When I was five years old I was homeschooled by my dad and mom. I learned reading because every day, my dad and I would usually go around the UP campus to read the street signs. That’s how I learned how to read. My father also created reading materials for me. I was inspired by many geniuses. One of them is Einstein since he was also homeschooled.

I really, really like learning at home. Every day I would do six pages of Social Studies and one Math exercise and on Tuesdays, we would do History class. My most favorite subjects are Math and History. History became my favorite when I first read about the Aztec temples, the Renaissance period and World War One. But my most favorite thing in the world is Greek mythology.

Before we started homeschooling, I didn’t really like Math. Even when I would just hear the word “math” I would feel tired right away. Since my parents and I started practicing every day, I began to like it. I really love Math now because I understand how it’s done and how it helps us in our life. Last week, while I wasn’t sleepy yet, I did one Math exercise at 12:00 a.m. without my parents telling me.

Some days after school work, my sister Attika and I would play. On Wednesdays I would go swimming in the pool. I usually do four to six laps on Wednesdays.

Photography is one of my favorite activities because I like taking pictures of sunsets, clouds, insects and stolen shots of Attika.

I have also learned the different types of clouds. I like studying about clouds because we live in a high place. My favorite cloud formation is cirrocumulus because it’s like a ceiling of a gigantic palace.

I really like studying interesting things. My mom does things so I would be disciplined. Friday is the only day that I can play video games, so I won’t be addicted to video games. Sometimes it depends on my accomplishment during the week or if I concentrated well on my studies.

These things are my favorite about homeschooling . That’s why I would be homeschooled until high school.

I think homeschooling is the best way of learning.



This summer, we went to Intramuros.

Intramuros was the seat of the government during the Spanish colonial period. It was built by the Spaniards to protect the Spanish seat from foreign invasion (British, Dutch and Chinese sea pirates in the 16th century). I was fascinated by the walled city because it is rich in history.

The dome of the Manila Cathedral

The fountain in the San Agustin Church courtyard

The old buildings still stand. The roads are covered by cobble stones just like in most parts in London. I haven’t been to London but my father went there last summer and he told me all about the beautiful place. Most parts of Intramuros aren’t polluted because people ride the kalesa. Kalesas are everywhere and I learned that there are two kinds. The first class is for three persons. The second class is for six persons. My family and I rode the kalesa and we toured the entire Intramuros. The man that drove the kalesa was very appreciative of Filipino history. He is happy with his job because he loves Filipino history.  I took pictures of everything historic that I saw.

The first Ateneo de Manila classroom

The first Ateneo De Manila was based there, too. Intramuros is also the oldest district in Manila. The wall of Intramuros is very long. You could see some cannons in some parts of the wall. The Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin church can be found inside the walled city.

Inside Ristaurante delle Mitre

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My favorite restaurant in Intramuros is Ristaurante delle Mitre. They serve very good food.

Intramuros overall, is perfect for family bonding!

Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) and Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) found out that their son Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) was in a coma one morning. After Dalton had been brought to the hospital, Renai Lambert realized that weird things started to happen.

One day while Renai was composing her song, she heard a growling voice from the monitor it was telling her something. She quickly went upstairs and the baby was so scared. After a horrific day the door alarm activated. Josh went down to check for burglars but there was no one there and the door was open. The baby shouted, Renai quickly went to her daughter then she saw someone standing.

She told Josh to move houses. Josh believed Renai. They moved to a new house but Renai still felt the ghost.

She hired a paranormal expert Elise Rainier. She quickly told Renai , “It’s not the house that is haunted. It’s  your son. Dalton is not suffering from a coma it’s his astral body lost to the place I call ‘The Further’”.

Josh has the ability to travel places using astral projection. He found Dalton chained by the entity who wants to posses Dalton’s body. He let Dalton go first because Josh was going to face his devil — an old lady. Dalton made it to his body back and Josh too. But when Elise took a picture of Josh, he killed Elise. Renai checked the camera and found that it wasn’t Josh’s soul. It was the old devil lady’s soul.

After I watched the movie I was sweating. I really liked the twist of the story. It was well-written and well casted. It was not corny, it was a good horror movie. I appreciate good horror stories because my mom likes horror movies. ‘Insidious’ is the scariest movie I’ve ever watched. I’m sure I would watch The ‘Exorcist’. Overall, it was a good movie. It’s a good movie for the family and perfect for Halloween. I really appreciated the movie and the story.