My favorite dance movie: Step Up

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Movies
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I like the movie because I like dancing. I was awarded the Best Dancer of the Year in school six years ago. Step Up was directed by Jon Chu.

Moose [Adam Sevani] is an electrical engineering student of New York University. While touring the campus, he sees a limited edition of Gun Metal Nike Dunks worn by Luke Katcher [Rick Malambri]. Moose follows Luke and he was led towards a dance battle where he wins the competition.  There are two competing groups in the  movie. The house of Samurai is the enemy of the House of the Pirates because the leader of the samurai was one of the members of the pirates before but he betrayed Luke after he made his own group.

After the battle between Luke and Kid Darkness, Luke shows Moose the House of Pirates, his dance crew. When Luke shows Moose the club he meets a girl named Natalie [Sharni Vinson]. Natalie trains with the pirates for weeks. Luke thinks Natalie is ready for the first battle. A week later, the first round of the world jam starts. It was the battle of Red Hook. Their enemy has a different way of making the judges proud but the House of the Pirates still won.

After the battle, Moose finds time to do his studies. He balances his studies and dancing.

The battle

The location is in Chinatown, New York. While Moose is taking a test, Luke texts Moose with an angry message, Moose don‘t be late for the world jam. Moose hurries his test and goes to the competition. In the middle of the battle, Moose rides a BMX and does stunts. The House of Gwai loses because they find it hard to dance in a soaked dance stadium.

The House of Pirates and the House of Gwai compete in the second round of the world jam. The Pirates win.

Luke gets an opportunity to dance with Natalie at a party. He convinces her to practice with the Pirates. However, Luke gets angry at her when he finds out that Natalie is Julien’s sister. Luke and Moose later train with the MSA crew from Step Up 2. In the final jam, Natalie joins them..

The pirates win the world jam. Before Luke goes to California with Natalie, Luke gives Moose a gift. It’s the Gun Metal Nike Dunks shoes .


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