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I started skateboarding when I was seven years old. I was  inspired when I watched the X games on TV. I saw a lot of pro skaters doing many tricks. My dad bought me a skateboard when I was only five years old. I started practicing but I couldn’t do it at all so I gave up. So I ended up playing Tony Hawk pro skater on the Playstation with my aunt.

I went back to skateboarding months later and it was a success. I only needed to practice everyday.  On the summer of 2009,  my dad and I would always  go to the park to practice skateboarding. My  skills improved and improved until I started practicing skateboard tricks.

This year when  my uncle Kenneth and I went to our playground to skateboard, I fell two times. But after that I was able to do an ollie without landing on the board and I was stil very happy. I will continue to skateboard until I’m good as Tony Hawk {A pro skater}.

The first basic trick you need to learn is to ollie. If you know how to ollie, you can do many tricks like kickflip, heelflip, impossible, grinding, and many more. Ollie is a bit difficult.

I wish that I’ll become a scientist and a pro skateboarder at the same time .

This is a sample video for those who want to try the ollie.


Creepy Crawler 101

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On my birthday, I received a Creepy Crawler Bug Maker from my aunt, Mama Tweet. I thought it was one of the best addition to my collection of toys. So if you want to scare anyone, here’s how you make a creepy crawler.

Put 2-3 bug eggs into the dispenser unit. Press ‘on’.

If the green light turns on, press the top of the bug. Press slowly.

Put the mold in a bowl with water and ice cubes. Wait for 15 minutes.

One bug coming up!

Open the bug mold with the knife.


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My name is Cole and welcome to my life blog!

I am ten years old. I like doing many things like playing the guitar, studying ancient history and ancient aliens, skateboarding, swimming, drawing, and writing.

I have very loving parents. They do everything to give Attika, my sister, and me the best life. My mom teaches me literature. Poetry is my favorite because poems are often short but they always have a good story. My dad teaches me painting, skateboarding, drawing, and playing the guitar. Dad is the superman of the family because he protects us.

My parents are crazy about each other. They created the biggest gift for me–my sister. She is now nine-months old. Attika is an intelligent baby and she loves every one of us. We spend most of our time together everyday.

Attika is the reason why I created a blog, to show other people how much I love her and how happy our family is. I look forward to becoming a good writer one day. My favorite writers have always been my parents.

I am a big Alfred Hitchcock fan. For me, he’s one of the best! I like “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Vertigo”, “Rear Window”, “North by Northwest” and my favorite is “Psycho”.

I hope you like my blog!