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I really like Ninjago because it has many minifigures that are really awesome. My intention is to collect Ninjago sets and mini figures. The Ninjago set I have so far is the Brickmaster with two mini figures, Frackjaw and Kai with the Golden Sword of Fire. You can turn it into many versions. It has four weapons included, too! The set includes one Axe, Silver Spear, Katana and a brown Spear. It’s a good start for a Ninjago collection.

In case you have not been infected by the Ninjago fever, here are some facts that will help you understand about it more.

Lego Ninjago was released in the year 2011. It is a story about five ninjas stopping two main antagonists: the Serpentine and the Skeleton army. The ninja’s master, Sensei Wu, will train them until they unlock their full potential of using their special weapons and using the spinjitzu against the army of Lord Garmadon ( Sensei Wu’s older brother ) and the serpentine army led by Pythor P. Chumsworth . The serpentine has many tribes, the Anacondrai, Fangpyre, Hypnobrai , Constrictai and  Venomari. The serpentine tribes have to reunite to unleash the great devourer. The evil dark Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army want to get the four golden weapons.


Sensei Wu: Is the master of spinjitsu. He lives in the monastery with Cole, Kai, Jay , Zane and Nya( Kai’s younger sister). Wu is the brother of Garmadon. Garmadon was Wu’s best friend. When Wu lost his staff, he searched for it because he knew his father would be mad knowing that Wu’s father created the four weapons and the Ninjago. At the same time, Garmadon was bitten by The Great Devourer and was infected by its evil power. It turned Garmadon into evil. After having a battle with the evil Lord Garmadon, Wu hid the four weapons of spinjitsu after beating Garmadon.

Cole is the earth ninja. Cole is the team leader and he is the strongest of the four. He hated  dragons but later adopted his dragon. His golden weapon is The Scythe of Quakes.

Jay is the lightning ninja. He became the first ninja to learn the Spinjitsu. His strength is speed.  Jay is also smart. He loves playing video games. Jay’s golden weapon is the Nunchucks of Thunder.

Kai is the fire ninja. His strength is attack .He was the last one who learned Spinjitsu. Jay, Cole and Zane learned it ahead of him. His father was a blacksmith. That’s why before he became a ninja he was also a blacksmith. His golden weapon is The Sword of Fire.

Zane is the ninja of ice. His strength is stealth. He uses the Shurikens of ice to freeze things. Zane is very calm and calculating. In the later episodes, the ninjas knew that Zane was a nindroid created by Dr. Julien. Before he died, he turned off Zane’s memory switch so Zane wouln’t know his past.


The five serpentine tribes

Anacondrai: the Anacondrai tribe was locked up in a tomb. The flute that controlled them drove them to their tomb. They had no food so they turned cannibalistic. Pythor was the only one left. Pythor can turn invisible.

Fangpyre: this tribe is led by Fangtom. When the Fangpyre bites anything it will turn anything into a snake. His second in command Fangdam, looks like Fangtom but Fangtom has no tail.

Hypnobrai: the Hypnobrai’s former general { Slithraa } was beaten by Skales in  episode 2 “ Home”. The Hypnobrai can hypnotized people. In episode 2, Cole was hypnotized by Skales but Sensei Wu stopped Skales from hypnotizing Cole.

Constrictai: this tribe is led by Skalidor. Their specialty is going underground and popping up to attack. This helps them to trap the ninjas when they have the chance. Skalidor is also dim-witted.

Venomari: their general is Acidiouse. When they squirt out their venom in your eyes, you will see crazy things like ginger bread man, walking cookies and other else.

The skeleton Army

Lord Garmadon: Sensei Wu’s older brother. He was bitten by the Great Devourer and turned evil. In Battle Between Brothers he fell into the Underworld. In episode 10 Lord Garmadon knew that his son Lloyd, is destined to defeat him.

Samukai: he is the underworld until Lord Garmadon. He is the General of fire. And he has four arms.

Frackjaw: he is the skeleton of fire. His weapon of choice is a maceball.

Kruncha: is the Skulkin of earth. He is second in command of the Skulkin army.

Wyplash: is the general of ice. He can turn his head around because of his extreme paranoia.

Chopov: is the skeleton of earth. He is also the chief mechanic of the skeleton army. He wishes that Bonezai will be captured so he will be the vehicle designer.

Bonezai: is the skeleton of ice. He can freeze shadows.

Krazi: is the skeleton of lightning. He looks like a clown because he’s completely mad. And he wears a jester hat.

The Skulkins

The Green ninja

The ZX ninjas